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    tariff comparison rate

    Helping you compare energy prices fairly.

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    Different energy providers structure their gas and electricity tariffs in different ways. This means it can be hard to compare like with like.

    The Tariff Comparison Rate (TCR) provides a representative annual cost for an energy tariff, based on typical energy usage. It can be used to compare tariffs that are structured differently.

    The TCR works much like a credit card's annual percentage rate (APR). Because all TCRs are calculated on the same basis, comparing them gives you an idea of which tariffs are cheapest.

    how the TCR is calculated

    The TCR is not based on your personal energy use. It's a good guide to the relative cost of different tariffs, but you should always get a personalised estimate to check the tariff chosen is right for you.

    The TCR is based on average figures for energy consumption:

    • Annual electricity use of 3,100kWh
    • Annual gas use of 12,500kWh

    The TCR takes into account the unit rate, standing charge and any discounts. It doesn't include any termination fees that may be applied.

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