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    midata FAQs

    How the midata scheme provides easier access to your energy data. 

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    your energy habits

    When we supply your energy, we store data about your energy consumption. We use this to bill you accurately and project your future energy use.

    what is midata?

    The midata scheme is a partnership between the UK government, consumer groups and major businesses.

    It'll give you easier access to data created through your use of services like:

    • Gas and electricity
    • Banking
    • Internet transactions
    • Retail loyalty cards

    midata makes it simpler for you to see what data companies have about you. And it helps you access that data in a form you can use for anything you like.

    Read midata FAQ >
    Learn about midata on gov.uk >

    it's your data too

    Because the data we hold is about your energy usage, it's only fair that you should be able to see it.

    Perhaps you want to view your predicted energy usage. Maybe you want to compare tariffs.

    No matter why you want your data, we believe you should be able to get it. That's why we've joined midata.

    get your data

    It's easy to download the data we hold about your energy use. Just sign in to your M&S Energy account online.

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