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    Energy made for life

    100% of our electricity supply is matched with renewable sources right here in Britain1 

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    We match 100% of the electricity our customers use with renewable hydro power1, right here in Great Britain.

    Why this matters

    You can rely on M&S Energy for your energy. By sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities, we believe we can do our bit to help protect the planet. It's how we do business.

    In fact, M&S has set a target for all M&S products to have a positive social or environmental quality by 2020. M&S is committed to becoming the world's most sustainable major retailer and renewable electricity1 is an important part of this.

    The M&S Community Energy Fund

    Our business has an impact on the well-being of communities throughout Great Britain. That's why we're dedicated to getting involved and giving something back. So, for every M&S Energy account, we donate £12 to fund community energy projects, such as solar panels on schools, village halls and more.

    This is an exciting venture that we've run for the past two years. Visit our M&S Energy Community Energy Fund page to find out more.

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